I am known worldwide for my peace work through the Arts. My professional musical talents are varied from Accordion, harp playing to singing lessons and dance lessons (see below)

I care for a heartfelt experiences through music and singing that will inspire and encourage every soul to bring forth their light!

Listed are some of the experiences I offer worldwide

Workshops and Retreats

My workshops are listed on the events page I do regular retreats in Greece, Findhorn (Scotland) and Switzerland amongst many other countries.

Universal Hall, Findhorn Scotland

Check events regularly to see what is happening.


I am available for private bookings ie workshops or Corporate events.

Vocal Coaching

As a professional musician and dancer teacher I offer one to one music lessons and instrumental coaching packages internationally.

Dance Training Workshops

Sacred Song and Dance facilitation training, We are working on launching a new dedicated page which is coming soon

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Music Train Game

I have manifested a board game which helps people of all ages understand how to read music efficiently and well. The Game can be played as a one to one session with Barbara or as a group session. Other option is to buy the Game and play at home alone or with friends.